[First posted on I Fry Mine In Butter]
I unfortunately watched almost the entire episode of the 2010 Oscars edition of E! Fashion Police while trying to enjoy a couple of Twinkies for breakfast. I’ve never understood why it appears to fall to B-list celebrities to offer criticism regarding A-list celebrities’ fashion choices. Do I really care if Jaye Manuel’s weirdly white-haired, over-tanned ass thinks that George Clooney should have gone to a barber before the Oscars? Has he looked at his own hair in the mirror lately? And where does Joan Rivers, a woman who looks like she got the majority of her plastic surgery done at a clinic in the backwoods of Russia, get off saying Meryl Streep looks like she’s the “First Lady of Russia”? What does that even mean?

The kicker on this particular video clip is the way they act about the amazing Gabourey Sidibe. They can just hardly contain their giggles when Joan points out that saying Gabby looked like they shot Avatar against her was mean. This “poor girl”? She looks “the best she has looked”? Khloe Kardashian, of all people, does not need to be laughing at this point because she gets trashed over her “weight problem” (wrongly, but hello) all the time. Their compliments are like insults. Gabby “covered her arms”! She was “slim on the hips”! She looked terrific “for her“. For her? And of course, the go-to “compliment” for any fat woman — she has so much CONFIDENCE. What a trooper, maintaining her self-esteem in the face of all that fat. God bless her. She may not look good, but at least she works that confidence.

Now that embroidery, that is gorgeous.