I’m in a bitch of a mood today and I just want to clear some things up for those who don’t really know me, which I guess is most of you. I’m new to the “blogging” game although I’ve been doing zines and online diaries since ’97, but if you don’t know me from that it’s likely you’re not going to know these things.

  • I tend to assume my audience here will be composed of people who are in tune with my particular political wavelength. When this shit gets reposted, however, the audience changes and any familiarity with my politics goes out the window. This is probably something I should have thought of, but whatever. The thing is, I’m not writing 101 shit, I’m building on things I already know and analyzing them in that context. It’s not like I don’t know that marginalized groups aren’t well served by feminism all the time, I fucking wrote about EXACTLY that shit like 12 fucking years ago. I’m talking about something else now, so you better get on that train or stay left behind. I don’t need to be reminded what privilege entails by a bunch of white women who probably learned that shit from being “educated” by some other person of color. I just don’t. Being a veteran admin of old school strap-on.org gave me enough experience with white translating, thank you, so I don’t need to hear it.
  • I don’t have to be in lock step with all other people of color. Believe it or not, NOT ALL POC THINK THE SAME WAY! OMG! Just because I’m black and talking, doesn’t mean I’m talking for all black people. So don’t accuse me of generalizations when I use real fucking precise language to avoid that very issue. Read the qualifiers.
  • I don’t suffer fools gladly. There was a time when I would bend over backwards to educate “allies” on why something is offensive, what privileges they enjoy and what they can do about their privilege. I’ve linked to hundreds of “how to act when you get called racist” guides and done a ton of 101 posts of my own. But I don’t do that any more. I moved on and now I’m interested in people who are beyond that point and ready to discuss other issues while still recognizing the context they’re in. I’m really NOT interested in “allies” any more because too often the things that people do that make them feel like they’re an ally are just basic things a decent human being should do. No cookies for that.
  • I love debate. But I’m not going to get in a pissing match with you. There’s healthy debate and then there’s just straight up steamrolling and I am not interested in the latter. If I feel like you’re just trying to prove something, I won’t respond to you. I’m not getting caught in a fucking flame war when you came out of the gate guns blazing, with my whole point sailing clear over your head. I don’t have a lot of free time and I am definitely not spending it on a pointless argument. E-mail me or stop complaining.

Basically, as Snarky’s Machine says: Trust me, I’ve done the legwork.

4 thoughts on “I talk like this cause I can back it up

  1. Heather Flescher says:

    I hear you, Tasha. I'm glad your work here is getting attention, but I guess it's inevitable that it'll draw out some clueless people. People who want you to bend over backwards to educate them, people who just want to pick apart whatever you say, people looking for argument for the sake of arguing. (Kind of like the worst moments at strap-on.org.) I'm glad you're not letting it deter you. Because you rock.

  2. This really resonated with me (along with the rest of the post): "I’m really NOT interested in “allies” any more because too often the things that people do that make them feel like they’re an ally are just basic things a decent human being should do. No cookies for that."

    I guess I'm just tired of feeling betrayed when I feel like an ally fucks me over harder than a straight up racist/sexist/homophobic/etc person because you feel like you had this understanding, or so you thought…

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