I am growing increasingly tired of Sarah Palin posing as some kind of working class hero. It just rings false, and she’s been doing it since she first arrived on the political scene. Recently she was regaling a NRA convention crowd with “you might be a redneck if…” jokes and claiming they described her to a T. One of the jokes is “You might be a redneck if you think Wal-Mart is expensive”. She states, “It is sometimes!” I’m sorry, but I find it really hard to believe that the woman who spent $150,000 on clothes at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue during the ’08 election and who consistently wears expensive suits that are most likely NOT sold at Wal-Mart would find their prices exorbitant. Her “schtick” is so disingenuous it hurts. I’m not even working class and I find it offensive. It amazes me how her fans just buy into her whole “Everywoman” image. Wait, no, it doesn’t amaze me, because her fans are mostly people that glean all their information from Fox News.

Speaking of Fox News, Think Progress recently asked some NRA members at the convention if they agreed with their leadership that people on the Terrorist Watch List should be allowed to buy guns. The members were told that the Washington Post had reported on the issue and made the discovery that those on the watch list are indeed allowed to buy guns, and that their leadership supported that. Most interviewed said they disagreed with the NRA leadership on the issue and felt that those on the Terrorist Watch List should be prohibited from buying firearms. But of course, there’s always those few fanatics that beg to differ. Here’s what one of the members, who apparently sells guns, told Think Progress:

NRA MEMBER: The Washington Post, I think that’s part of like the Communist News Broadcasting and everything. … The Washington Post lies on everything. … I don’t know how I can believe the Post. You need to find better facts than the Washington Post. … I wouldn’t believe a word I read in the Washington Post. It’s one of the worst papers in the whole country, from what I’ve heard.

TP: Oh, then which newspaper would you believe?

NRA MEMBER: Which newspaper? I don’t know, I would stick to Fox News over everything.

Can you visualize me facepalming? Because that’s exactly what I did when I heard that. That answer reminds me of a Teabagger protest covered by New Left Media in which they asked the TPers to explain the reasoning behind some of their opinions. Sadly, their knowledge of the issues is skin deep — they basically form their beliefs based on what Glenn Beck or some other ideologue tells them to believe, and they have no idea why they believe the things they do. The kind of people who engage in this sort of intellectual laziness and are so vitriolic about their learned beliefs are dangerous. These are not the kind of people you want owning guns.

And yet, they do, and unsurprisingly, Sarah Palin agrees with the NRA leadership on this issue. Personally, I don’t know what you have to do to land yourself on the Terrorist Watch List or if there’s any recourse you can take to challenge being put on the list, so I don’t really have an opinion either way about the subject — other than the fact that I think we need way less guns in the hands of anyone, period, and it does seem prudent to red flag anyone on the watch list who buys a gun. But who needs prudence when the precious 2nd amendment is at stake? This is the same group that thinks basic regulations on selling semi-automatic assault rifles are oppressive. Why am I surprised?

Seriously, when it comes to Sarah Palin, I should never be surprised by the complete lack of critical thinking on her part.

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  1. FOX new is incredibly dangerous because it does nothing but promote propaganda. In fact I believe that it is disingenuous to refer to it as news. As for Sarah Palin, she is a hack of the worst sort. How anyone could believe that a former governor and a woman that sold so many books shops at Walmart astounds me. Even as she is complaining about the price she totally ignores the fact that many of the people working at Walmart are on some sort of government assistance because the company refuses to properly pay its workers. Those people are the real working class in the U.S.

    • I know, I just think it's demeaning for her to make those comparisons between herself and actual working class people. She's working class when it suits her interests. And she's done little if anything during her brief political career to help the cause of poor and working class people. Like most Republicans, she's a friend to big business and in particular energy companies.

  2. Bronxgirl1 says:

    Please let it be known that I am in no way, shape, or form a Palin fan. To be quite honest, I detest the woman. But I think this is merely a case of her giving the people what they want. She is simply seeking a position of power at all costs. The problem is that there are people who are dumb enough to give to her. If she succeeds it will be at the mercy and to the detriment of us sane folks.

    How sad is that man who hates the Washington Post not because he disagrees with what he read in it but what he has heard about it. People like him are like lambs to the slaugther, fully content to guzzle the cult's kool aid. That is the problem with uneducated people. By education I don't mean formal education, what I mean is people who don't take time to do their research and fully assess a situation before developing an unwavering opinion.

    I am from NY but I have also had the misfortune of living in some small states. It is overwhelmingly sad how many of these people just accept rumors as facts and watch their news stations in a trance like state, eagerly accepting every story as the gospel truth. They never follow up on anything and they get behind politicians who appear to be of like minds as if they are the next Messiah.

    Politicians like Sarah Palin are simply supplying the needs and demands of these simpletons. When you put it into context she really isn't that much different from rappers feeding into the gangsta stereotypes even though that is not their personal reality. She is only more dangerous because she is trying to obtain a position where she has the potential to create trouble for people on a larger scale.

    I would respect her so much more if she had a well informed stance on politics and even dared to go against the grain of her supporters. However, her tactics really aren't much different from many of these politicians out there.

    • Oh her political machinations are crystal clear. She knows what gets people riled up, and she aims for that. I don't think she's particularly intelligent, but she has become quite the savvy politician.

  3. Palin strikes me as the "Zaphod Beeblebrox" of the Republicans… she's there to distract our attention form real issues and from the real power brokers in that party, where nobody has any intention of ceding any actual responsibility to her.

    • I know, the Republican establishment is not her biggest fan. But she fires up the base, so they tolerate her. It will be interesting to see what happens in 2012 because it's obvious she plans to try to run for President.

      • It might be like Pat Buchanan leading up to the '92 election. The Republican machine more or less let him do his thing until the New Hampshire primary, when he took a major chunk of votes away from Bush Sr. and suddenly became the party's biggest problem. The mainline Repubs closed ranks to discredit him, and cost him any chance he had of winning. But they brought him back later with a central spot at the Republican National Convention, where he gave his notorious "cultural war" speech. And the crowd loved it! I could see that happening with Palin.

  4. Sarah Palin is the lead clown of the circus that is the ultra-conservative right-wing fringe of the GOP. Trot her out, she smiles, jokes and acts up for the camera and the crowds.

    When you take away the facade, she is seriously ill-informed about many issues, especially womens' reproductive rights and the diversity of America. She wants so badly to believe that America is made up of nothing but small towns where everyone is white, straight, and radically Christian. Well, that's not America and unfortunately for her and many that think like her, they're out of touch. But unlike rappers, she's not there strictly for entertainment. She really thinks she can run the country—I don't think she can even be in charge of a cage full of hamsters.

  5. aliciamaud74 says:

    I grew up in a working class family, in a working class community, and though as an educator in suburbia I have spent a lot of my adult life staying afloat (or adrift) between that world and the low-middle, it makes me absolutely furious when Palin tries to claim that my roots and hers are the same. Especially when it means that she has to drop all of her "g's" and tell redneck jokes to be "one of us." Her acting like a completely one-dimensional characature of the people I love most in the world makes me think violent thoughts. And that includes assuming that we were all white and straight and cis (there's hardly such a thing as small town America THAT small anymore, and both Cousin Snake and Cousin Bill's husband in chiffon will tell you so), that we're uninterested in the Arts (Cousin Spike is a woodcarver of some national acclaim), or living in denial that we're interested in women's rights (Grandma may have had 12 kids, but most of us are in the 0-2 kid range…so SOMETHING happened between those generations, and having had a few beers with that crew out on the town tells me that sea change had wasn't ABSTINENCE)is unbelievably belittling.

    As my dad would probably put it, "Sarah Palin knows $hit about f*ck."

  6. badhedgehog says:

    I agree with redlami – she is very much the Zaphod Beeblebrox of the whole situation. Except without the rockstar charm, or the extra arm.

    The working class redneck thing is offensive. She might be thick, but that doesn't make her common. You know, cos of how they're NOT THE SAME.

  7. Ohh, Palin. Ugh. The "redneck jokes" annoy me anyways, since Larry the Cable Guy (who, AFAIK, is where they originated from) isn't working class either – his image is entirely fictional. I don't know how people who are working class can get behind either of them, because I just see them mocking people I care about (a lot of my extended family back in MO consists of rural factory workers or farmers).

    • Actually I think it was Jeff Foxworthy that started those "you might be a redneck if…" jokes. But he's on that "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" with Larry the Cable Guy. That name is seriously offensive because pretty much everyone in that group espouses ignorance as humor, so they're basically saying if you're blue collar you're ignorant.

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