Tomorrow I’ll be driving (well, riding) up to Oregon to visit family, a 12 hour ride with no Internet other than the awful EDGE network on my iPhone. I’ll be gone until the 5th. I should have Internet access while I’m up there, but I may be too busy to write or respond to comments some days. I’m also sick, so I need to take it easy up there until I’m better, and that involves not pushing myself. I know it says “updated daily” over there, and I very much want to do that, so I’ve written a few posts in advance to hopefully cover days I don’t have time to write. (Like tomorrow!) But prepare yourself, there may be a day you come to the site and *GASP* NOTHING NEW is here. Or it’s like, a picture and a blurb or something non-meaty. So, apologies in advance.

3 thoughts on “New happenings

  1. WordPress has the nifty "schedule a post to publish" feature, and I always intend to setup posts in advance before I go out of town ….

    … yeah, usually doesn't happen. 🙂 Enjoy your trip!

  2. Um, you sound you totally need some major R&R so take the rest you need! It'll leave us all gagging for more when you come back. 😀

  3. De-lurking to thank you for posting daily when you can. You help me get thru my workday, everyday!
    Hope you have a relaxing vacay, look forward to your triumphant return…

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