It’s kind of weird scheduling posts because I’m gone, but it keeps posting so I’m sure you all thought I was just ignoring your comments when actually, I’ve replied to e-mails only to approve comments going through and not actually reading comments. I’ll probably be able to respond to comments tomorrow. For a while I was feeling guilty that I didn’t post anything for yesterday, but then I just said fuck it and enjoyed myself for a day. I haven’t been reading around blog land so I don’t know what’s being talked about. So apologies if one of the below topics has been run into the ground or something.

For instance, this thing with Bill Maher saying Obama needs to be a real black president and apparently that would involve him acting like a common thug? I’m not really surprised that Maher said that, he has a really simplistic view of race and is always trolling for the laugh so he has made making offensive generalizations like, his job. But the fact that it gets the laugh is what bothers me because I know people really do hold that stereotype of the hyperaggressive black dude “getting things done”, kind of like the stereotype of Italians “getting things done” but without getting to be white at the end.

Speaking of hyperaggressive black dudes, did you see 50 Cent? That is some intense shit right there. It’s just too bad losing weight doesn’t give you magic acting abilities.

I just saw today about the activists killed by Israeli forces. It’s just so enraging that Israel is allowed to occupy the Palestinian territory and basically do whatever the hell they want to the people without any international accountability. Our official attitude towards Israel is, when it comes down to is, driven by fundamentalist Christian doctrine that believes the Bible proscribes that the land of Israel must be in the hands of its people for Jesus to return. So that works nicely with the beliefs of Israeli Zionists, although they are at polar opposites, they’re both fanatical religious beliefs that drive social policy in both countries today.

I’d say more but I don’t feel like it. Ha.

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  1. Thanks for commenting on an issue which you clearly have little understanding of. I thought being accepting meant not publicly trashing people's religious beliefs or right to self determination? I really look forward to your unbiased comments on the hundreds of people killed in "ethnic violence" in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan etc… or do liberals only comment when its Jews defending ourselves?

    Thanks for making my daily read of the fatosphere feed into an upsetting experience.

    • I don't trash religious beliefs until they start shaping public policy. Then they're not just religious beliefs anymore. That raid on the flotilla was not Israelis (and I say Israelis meaning the country of Israel itself and not just "all Jews") defending themselves. It was full of peace ambassadors. I'm sorry but I just can't buy the "defending ourselves" excuse from Israel anymore. They are constantly on the offensive.

  2. How about you actually take a look at the video? There is clear footage of these "peace activists" (who were associated with a terrorist organisation that Turkey itself has banned) assaulting Israeli soldiers with iron bars and stun grenades.

    Two ships were recently stopped attempting to bring hundreds of rockets to Gaza – these rockets kill real human beings in Israel.

    Anyway, my point was that this is really not appropriate for the fatosphere feed. Its just an antisemetic rant.

    • Yes but why did Israel have soldiers on the flotilla in the first place? They have no right to blockade the Palestinian territory. Israel's rockets kill too, only it's Palestinians, so I guess THAT'S ok? It's not about religion. And Palestinians are Semites too and were before Jews were referred to as such, so how is supporting them being anti-semitic?

  3. The thing I've noticed with the Gaza Strip situation is that no one can really agree on what happened. I've read articles supporting how Israel handled it, and articles that condemn them. I'm not pretending to be an expert on Israeli politics, but disagreeing with Israeli policies is not anti-semitism, and labeling it as such is doing nothing but constricting dialogue on what is undoubtedly a political quagmire.

    • […] disagreeing with Israeli policies is not anti-semitism, and labeling it as such is doing nothing but constricting dialogue on what is undoubtedly a political quagmire.

      Exactly. I hate that the anti-semitism charge is always laid out when criticizing Israel's policies in order to silence anyone expressing any sympathy or support towards the Palestinan refugees. Especially since Palestinians are Semitic people too.

  4. Heather Flescher says:

    Many Israelis oppose their government's treatment of the Palestinians. Some Israelis are among the most committed activists, people who serve as human shields in combat zones and lie down in front of bulldozers. They love their country, their culture and their religion. Just not their government. Unfortunately, their voices are almost as completely silenced in the mainstream U.S. media as those of the Palestinians.

    • Yes, Heather, I agree and when I say "Israeli policies" I'm not saying "Israeli [people's] policies", I'm talking about their government. Just like when I say "U.S. foreign policy" I'm not saying "your personal foreign policy". I know there are a lot of Israeli people unhappy with their government, thank you for pointing that out.

      • Heather Flescher says:

        I'm sorry, Tasha. I wasn't trying to imply that you meant all Israelis. I agree with everything you've said. I just wanted to make a point to Dee and anyone else who equates opposition to the Israeli government's policies with being anti-Israel or anti-Jewish. I wanted to tell them they don't know what they're talking about.

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