one day my hair started acting funny
it hopped off my head
and morphed into another woman
started rummaging through my closet
put on my favorite clothes
walked into my kitchen, opened
all the cabinets
& left the doors open
drank all my almond milk
put the empty carton
in the trash instead of the
walked out my front door
and stole my car.

not to mention
that bitch left me bald
so you can imagine
i was incredibly,
pissed off.

i waited up that night
thinking surely
she would have to return
to the scene of the crime
i gnashed my teeth and
wrapped my hands
i took hot and cold showers
and i prayed to the ancestors
i remembered how
to throw a punch.

but she never showed.

years later
after my hair had grown into
luscious nappy coils
reaching up towards the sun
i saw my old hair at the swap meet
wefted & labeled