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Nothing Without Us
White Riot: Punk Rock and the Politics of Race
Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love & Fashion



Bitch Planet

“The Raised Hand of Darkness: Considering Violence as a Method of Noncompliance”, triple feature #1 (PDF)
“In a Feminist Mirror, Darkly: Reflections on Cultural Misconceptions of Feminism”, issue #2 (PDF)

Bitch Magazine

“Sister Soldiers: Black Women, Police Brutality, and the True Meaning of Black Liberation”, issue #66 (PDF)

Corset Magazine

“Form and Function: A Brief History of Nudity and Disability in Western Culture”, issue #1 (PDF)


Bitch Media

“Asking For It” Puts The Focus For Ending Rape Where It Belongs: On Rapists
Bye, Becky: White Women on VH1’s “Bye Felicia” Channel Their Inner Black Woman in Search of Empowerment
What’s the Republican Recruitment Strategy? Racism, Plain and Simple

NYLON Magazine

Why You Should Rock Pro-Black Apparel

I Just Had an Abortion

Clutch Magazine (defunct)

No Fat Chicks: Navigating the Dating World as A Fat Girl
In Defense of Fat
Why “You Complete Me” Is Bullshit and How I Learned to Complete Myself
Is Sexual Fidelity the Most Important Part of a Relationship? Thoughts on Non-Monogamy

Shapely Prose (defunct)

A Maxie Girl in a Barbie World

Zora & Alice (defunct)

The Case For Sex-Positivity: Combating Stigma and Religion



The Kate Hudson Debacle, or, Why Feminism is for White Women Again

Racialicious (defunct)

Where My Sistas At? The Underrepresentation of Black Plus Size Models in Mainstream Fashion

The Huffington Post


Feministe (defunct – if you want to read the blog posts listed in the PDF, they’re somewhere in my archives; try searching the titles.)
Sex and the Fat Girl – Bitch Magazine
Size Matters – Bitch Magazine
I Fry Mine In Butter (defunct – if you want to read the blog posts listed in the screenshot, most are somewhere in my archives; try searching the titles.)


When I was a teenager I did a zine called Bitchcore and another called Confessions of a Former High School Cheerleader that some folks felt were worth archiving. You can find them in the following locations.

    Barnard College Zine Library (NYC)

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