(poetry chapbook)


bitch planet

“The Raised Hand of Darkness: Considering Violence as a Method of Noncompliance”, triple feature #1  (PDF)
“In a Feminist Mirror, Darkly: Reflections on Cultural Misconceptions of Feminism”, Bitch Planet issue #2 (PDF)

bitch magazine

“Sister Soldiers: Black Women, Police Brutality, and the True Meaning of Black Liberation”, issue #66 (PDF)
“Asking For It” Puts The Focus For Ending Rape Where It Belongs: On Rapists
Bye, Becky: White Women on VH1’s “Bye Felicia” Channel Their Inner Black Woman in Search of Empowerment
What’s the Republican Recruitment Strategy? Racism, Plain and Simple

corset magazine

“Form and Function: A Brief History of Nudity and Disability in Western Culture”, issue #1 (PDF)


Protest in the Age of COVID-19

nylon magazine

Why You Should Rock Pro-Black Apparel

I Just Had an Abortion

 clutch magazine*

No Fat Chicks: Navigating the Dating World as A Fat Girl
In Defense of Fat
Why “You Complete Me” Is Bullshit and How I Learned to Complete Myself
Is Sexual Fidelity the Most Important Part of a Relationship? Thoughts on Non-Monogamy

zora & alice*

The Case For Sex-Positivity: Combating Stigma and Religion


bitch magazine

Sex and the Fat Girl
Size Matters