Every year or so I get tired of dealing with my hair and want to either get braids or hide it under a wig. Last year it was kinky twists that lasted about a day before my hair drew up and made them look like those strips of felt at the end of the car wash. But I had spent 10 hours in a chair and $80 for those twists so you’re damn right I rocked my felt strips for a month before it got too sad to look at. I will not do that again.

When I first went nappy I had a couple wigs I would wear when I wanted big hair, but after it grew too puffy to sit under the wig and too short to pull back to fit under the wig, I ditched them since they were all tangled and nasty anyway. I see you, Beverly Johnson Collection. Anyway it’s been a year and I’m dying for big hair past my shoulders and also tired of detangling constantly so I’m back on the wig tip. I’ve been obsessed with wig tutorials on YouTube and steady stalking hairsisters.com for the past 2 weeks, so I figured I’d share my purchases with you because I know you’re interested in everything on my mind.

First up is Calidiva77 modeling the wig that I’m getting in the mail today. Her channel is full of dope wig tutorials, I’ve been watching the archives a lot. This wig is Freetress Equal “Jackie” lace front.

The other wig I ordered that I don’t know when I’m getting is the Sensationnel Empress “Megan” lace front. These are both synthetic by the way. I don’t plan on wearing these every day so I’m just going to start off cheap and easy and not go all out and get some Beyonce full lace remy wigs. Here’s 1SimplYounique with Megan.

On Friday I’m pretty sure I’m going to Fashion’s Night Out in L.A. so I’ll debut my new hair that night. And I’m planning to try to rock some false eyelashes which I have NEVER been able to successfully do so wish me luck on that tip.

Things have just been bananas over in the Fierce household so I’m not really in the mood to do some kind of cultural criticism for y’all right now, apologies. If you want to see where I AM doing cultural criticism 3 times a week, check out my “Size Matters” column at Bitch magazine. Some of those clowns wear me out, for real, which also leaves me just wanting to talk about makeup and hair. I. can’t. even.

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  1. It's your site and you can blog about what ya like. When you give so much of yourself through posts it is hard to always keep giving and giving. Bring on the makeup posts educate me please…I know very little about it all.

    • Your makeup always looks good, though! I'll post about this one girl who does amazing makeup on YT. Michelle Phan. So creative!

  2. Loving youtube and the video tutorials i've found there that have changed my life!

    went natural over a year and a half ago.

    i'm at that stage i hated even when i was on the creamy crack bandwagon….too short to be long and too long to be short.

    lately i've gone from trying to emphasize my curl pattern with goo's, activators, creams..etc. to just cowashing, jojoba oil, twist over night, untwist, pick out and either rock a headband or elastic (for my puff..that i love)

    even with the ups and downs my natural hair has taken me through i don't think i've ever felt more empowered and in control of anything in my life.

    no more missing engagements because my hair isn't right…no more half a day sit-ins at the local beauty shop….no more dodging pool parties and water parks like the plague.

    I'm free to be me and loving every minute of it.

    Oops, guess i got carried away (smile) hope you enjoy your wigs!! 🙂

    BTW…your blog is my Blog Spotlight of the week. You rock young lady!!!

    • Thank you mama! I agree, growing out my natural hair has really been a blessing. It's healthier and longer than it's ever been in my adult life and not having to retouch, have a burned scalp, fried hair and an intimate relationship with hot tools of hair torture is a great relief. I'm one of those chicks who likes to change my look a lot and you really can't do that with relaxed hair. I wouldn't even consider getting another perm, so I do the wig thing. I don't even do weaves because of the tension on my edges – it took me a long time to grow them back in! I do love my nappy hair and I love the way it looks. And not worrying about it getting wet or damp or sweating out my perm is liberating. It's been 3+ years since my last relaxer and I am not looking back!

      Thanks for the blog spotlight – I added you to my blogroll.

    • even with the ups and downs my natural hair has taken me through i don’t think i’ve ever felt more empowered and in control of anything in my life.

  3. Am loving your hair updates … I've never worn wigs before but you've got me intrigued. Good luck w/ the lashes!

  4. Never tried a weave but always been curious.I desperately want long hair too sometimes, when I do I flat iron my hair and buy clip-ons.Then I make one long, fat braid with it and position it to fall across the front of my shoulder, its an inexpensive way of giving the illusion of long hair. When I can afford it I splurge on a Brazilian Blowout, people always ask me if its a weave after I get one. lol.

  5. I love these videos. I am inspired by the creativity and ingenuity of these peeps. They make a way out of no way and each person makes them wigs their own. I love my unprocessed hair but there are some realities I cannot ignore: namely, the fact that not everyone perceives it as "professional" or "appropriate". Thus I do need some "Monday go to meeting hair".

  6. I like the hair posts too. My hair's not as fragile or curly as Black hair, but it's curly enough to grow "a lot fuzzier" before it gets "longer". Never tried a wig though.

    I've also been known to blow it out or use a lot more gel and pull it back with a leather headband for job interviews.

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