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image showing degree conferral from UCLA: bachelor of arts, sociology, magna cum laude

I used to hate myself and now I hate society: post-graduation reflections and jobless rambling

Society—other people, systems, institutions, culture—has so much more power over our lives than the average person gives it credit for. Acknowledging its outsized influence is devastating at first, incompatible as it is with a vision of the individual as master of their own destiny, culpable in failure and deserving in success. But there is a […]

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FYI: I don’t know ish.

Sometimes the magnitude of my lack of knowledge leaves me wordless. I wonder how it is to be so sure you have all the answers that you’re willing to write about basically any topic with little to no knowledge — confidently. How it is to write about, say, the experience of people of color when you’re […]

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