i wander &
i am lost
a craggy, overgrown wooded area
sprung up between
who i was &
who i might become
& i’ve decided to take up residence here.

yes, in this gnarled,
vaguely enchanted forest.

how did i become lost?

loss found me, many times
she led me to this forest
to strip me of love
then again,
to strip me of faith
and finally,
to strip me of hope
so it seems to make sense
that i remain here,
the resting place of
that foolish woman
who once loved and believed and hoped.

the forest loves me
its violet tentacles
penetrate my soul, erasing the
fingerprints of loss
she visits me here, sometimes
her kiss the taste of
all those she took from me
but i can’t even remember
where i was before
i found this lovely,
lush, green, magical place.

i wander again
as is my nature
i wrest myself away from
the lovely, menacing, gnarled,
vaguely enchanted forest
and crawl my way back into
the light
waiting with slightly
bated breath until the day
loss calls on me again.