you were inside my head
when i found you
your solar wind breached
my heart’s magnetic field
you knew me
flesh and bone
& i loved you
ether and impulse

you were inside my head
your whispers sharp like
needles ink and tattoos
my hopeful kiss
laid upon poison laced lips
you promised salvation
& delivered apocalypse

moving on to your next victim
new keeper of heart and happiness
while i am still bound to you
your baby in my womb
you turn away
as blood spills from between my thighs
love’s child birthed premature
stains my hands trying to stem the flow
& i die alone

years of darkness pass
& hatred resurrects me
i rise as a howling phoenix
charm you with my illusive song
of unearned absolution
i return your latent poison kiss
& your heart ceases to beat

i am no longer your concubine
mindlessly entranced by you
i am the goddess of retribution
come to pay you your dues